There are 33 Social Welfare Boards in the Country, including the Social Welfare Board, working under the umbrella of Central Social Welfare Board. The  Social Welfare Board (previously named as State Social Welfare Advisory Board) was constituted by the Government in October -1955.
The Social Welfare Board has a sanctioned strength of 15 Regular, 6 Adhoc and 2 contractual staff members. The Board office was.

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Connectivity through information, is the soul of modern development today. Achievement of development depends on awareness about various schemes and policies framed for the people, as well as willingness to execute policies. It is observed that the needy often remain deprived of availing such opportunities due to lack of information, so dis-semination of information regarding the schemes and policies meant for the target groups, is significant. More significant is the fact that the target groups should remain connected directly to the agencies imparting information and also the providers of opportunities. The  Social Welfare Board has launched its website with intention to make people aware of its activities and schemes.