Developing a healthy partnership with Voluntary Organisations for the welfare, development and empowerment of women in our society has been one of the primary objectives of the Central Social Welfare Board since its inception in 1953. The schemes of the Board are for the most part implemented by Vos. The Board has developed networking with more than 8,000 VO’s across. Activities of the Board also involve networking with various state level organizations through the State Social Welfare Board located in 33 States and U.Ts. of the country. The Central Social Welfare Board provides support to VOs under a variety of programmes in order to facilitate and strengthen their role in empowering women through education and training, through collective mobilisation and awareness creation, through income generating facilities and by the provision of support services. The detailed objectives of each of the schemes of assistance, budgets and terms and conditions of grants are described below.

Conditions of eligibility for assistance In order to be eligible for grants under the CSWB’s programmes, an applicant institution should meet the following:

  1. It should be registered under an appropriate Act or be a regularly constituted branch of a registered welfare organisation (mere affiliation to a registered body will not suffice for this purpose).
  2. Office bearers of the institution should not be related to each other.
  3. The organisation should have completed at least 2 years after registration in order to be eligible for grants from the Board under any scheme, except in the scheme of Family Counselling Centres where completion of 3 years after registration is required. Relaxation may however, be made (i) in case of institutions in hilly, remote, border and backward or tribal areas; (ii) in case of those institutions which provide specialised services where these are not available; and (iii) in case where the need for starting an altogether new service is recognised. This requirement does not apply to branches which have been started by well established national/state level organisations in remote and needy areas.
  4. It should have a properly constituted Managing Committee with its powers, duties and responsibility clearly defined and laid down in a written constitution.
  5. It should have facilities, resources, personnel, managerial skill and experience to initiate the activity for which the grant is required.
  6. Its financial position should be sound and it should be in a position to raise such additional funds, as may be required, to complete the programme for which assistance is given by the Board and in addition, where necessary, to continue to maintain the existing level of services from its own resources. g) The activities of the institution should be open to all citizens of India without any distinctions of religion, race, caste or language. Apart from the above conditions, there are other conditions of eligibility applicable for specific schemes of assistance which are detailed in the relevant sections pertaining to the schemes on succeeding pages.

Note: Institutions should send completed applications to their respective State Social Welfare Boards. Addresses of State Boards are at Contact us.


At the time of applying for grants under any scheme the following documents are to be submitted:

  1. Copy of the Registration Certificate (should be attested by a Gazetted Officer)
  2. Copy of Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association/Byelaws of the institution (should be attested by a Gazetted Officer).
  3. Detailed audited accounts of the institution of the previous 3 years (should be attested by a Gazetted Officer).

[Note: Accounts should be of the institution as a whole and not of any single individual programme.]

  1. Annual Reports of the previous 3 years.
  2. List of current Managing Committee Members (They should not be related to each other),(should be attested by a Gazetted Officer).
  3. Application form in the prescribed format duly filled in and signed by the Secretary or authorised office bearer of the institution.
  4. Bank account details of the NGO/VO, along with all contact details including e.mail ID if any.

(NGO can also upload copy of Relevant Documents in e-AWEDAN).

After Utilization of Grants:

Separate accounts, audited and bearing the seal of a Chartered Accountant, in respect of grants sanctioned and released by the CSWB in 3 forms i.e. Receipt & Payment, Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet, alongwith Utilisation Certificate should be submitted within one month of the closure of the financial year in which the grants are sanctioned/released. Fresh grants shall be released only on settlement of accounts of the previous yer and a satisfactory report of the running of the programme by an authorized officer of the Board, Central or State.